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Swing Set and Tree House Safety For Maryland Residents

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On this post, we like to talk to you about Swing Set and Tree House Safety For Maryland Residents

A backyard swing set or a tree house can bring hours of fun to your own kids, and make your backyard the go-to place in the neighborhood.

But each year, 200,000 children are treated for playground equipment injuries, with more than half caused by falls to the ground. The same is true for tree houses, with falls and jumps leading to fractures. Here are some tips to keep everyone safe when it’s time to play:

Whether a kid is cautious or a daredevil, falls are inevitable, so it’s a good idea to install a shock-absorbing surface such as mulch or pea gravel around the play equipment and under the tree house.

Don’t allow children to attach things like jump ropes and pet leashes to the play structures. This could quickly turn into a strangulation hazard.

Children should be supervised at all times while using swing sets and tree houses. Communicate with other parents so they’re aware that your backyard play stations are strictly off limits when you’re not around and unavailable to supervise. To make it difficult for young wanderers to access these areas, consider fencing off access to your yard.

For even more tips on playground safety, read this story from Eriesense Blog.


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